We’re a group of professionals who work with clients to achieve their online goals, in particular that elusive and naturally ranking position on page one of Google.

That been said, there’s really only 10 natural spots on the front page of Google, e.g. if 35 so called ‘SEO experts’ told 35 plumbers in Auckland they could get them on that elusive first page for the search term ‘Auckland plumber’, well… the math doesn’t really work.

In any case, our target market is small to medium business who just want to be found online more naturally and those who want to reduce their Adwords spend.

Who are we?

Aleki Bon – owner of contentwriters.co.nz and web developer.

Over the last 20 years I’ve built a little over 1,000 web-sites for hundreds of different clients.  During that time less than 1% of them actually had the content written up ready for their site to go live.  Small business owners are busy and they need people who have knowledge in the online space to help them with all components of a web project.

Of course these days, web-site development is relatively easy, a site like this one can realistically be built for less than a grand with hosting charges becoming a dead dinosaur.  The stumbling block still however is the content.  Bad content will either put prospects off, or Google off – they both need to be kept happy.

Others in the team – we’ve got web developers, graphic designers, real SEO experts and some seriously talented content writers – give us a try, you’ll get a better experience, guaranteed.

Talk to us: 09 307 8020, text 022 307 8020